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Tishia Lee

Tishia Lee, the Body Positive Fairy Godmother, is taking a stand for Body Positivity and the profound worth of all women with her Shining Self project. She is blogging and podcasting on topics that remind women it's always okay to take up space in this world. 

Body Positive Affirmations

It's time to start a new chapter in your relationship with your body!

Derived from the empowering body positivity movement, these affirmations challenge negative self-talk and redefine the way you see yourself. Organized into four different areas of focus - Celebrating My Body, Taking Pride In My Body, Loving My Body More Each Day & Feeling At Peace In My Body - you'll find 31 affirmations that aim to shift your self-perception towards self-love and body acceptance.

At the end of each of the four sections, you'll find three self-reflection questions to help you explore your thoughts and feelings surrounding your body image. These insights will unlock a newfound sense of self-acceptance.

What's Included:
31 Body Positive Affirmations with self-reflection questions (PDF Document)
What Affirmations Are & How To Use Them Guide (PDF Document)
All Affirmations & Self Reflection Questions (Audio File)

Value: $27

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Karen Robinson

Karen Robinson, MSW, ACSW, LCSW, a best-selling author, speaker, therapist, transformational coach and trauma recovery expert, has been a professional therapist for 25 years. Her clinical experience as a provider has been authentic and genuine.
Karen’s proven skills have been employed in a variety of environments, such as schools, hospitals, community mental health, adoption agencies, inpatient units, and via teletherapy. She eagerly pursues clients who are ready to make deep-seated transformative changes.

Heal Thrive Dream’s mission makes a real difference in the lives of women and children across the globe. Our mission serves to empower trauma survivors through manageable sized courses, accountability coaching, a community forum, and monthly action steps. We serve with compassion, hope, and our purpose strives to transform lives with holistic interventions.

I Am.. Affirmation Journal

This journal is designed to help you cultivate a positive mindset and build self-confidence.

By regularly writing down empowering affirmations, you can rewire your thoughts and develop a strong belief in your abilities.

Value: $27

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STEM: Prioritizing Self Care in 2023

Contributed by Melissa Miller

Self-care is important. It's about nurturing your mind, body, and soul.

With my STEM method, I'll show you how you can easily make your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health a priority every day simply by doing things that make you happy and help you grow.

Being holistically healthy is what will allow you to show up long-term as a caregiver and business owner.

Value: $97

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Break Free From Caregiver's Guilt

Contributed by Cassandra Martin-Himmons

Break Free from Caregiver's Guilt is a four-module, PDF-based course that gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace.

Over the course of the four modules, you will:
• Explore the origins of caregiver’s guilt.
• Uncover your unique triggers for caregiver’s guilt.
• Discover how and why to set realistic expectations.
• Learn effective communication skills for caregivers.
• Develop resilience while increasing self-care.

This course is designed to help you have a more rewarding caregiving experience. Don't let guilt and stress define your journey. Instead, focus on building resilience and prioritizing self-care.

Value: $30

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The Inner Confidence Catalyst

Contributed by Ally Rose  

Do any of these sound like you?

- Do you often find yourself doubting your abilities or questioning your worth, even in situations where you are well-prepared or skilled?
- Does the fear of failure, judgment, or rejection frequently prevent you from pursuing opportunities or expressing yourself fully?
- Do you frequently compare yourself to others and feel inadequate, despite knowing that you have your own unique strengths and accomplishments?

Then this hypnosis audio bundle will help you...

- Propel your journey of self-discovery and self-belief.
- Spark the process of deep inner change, facilitating a shift in your subconscious mind, and empowering you to embrace your true worth and self-confidence.
- Awaken your inner strength, boost your self-esteem, and ignite the potential that lies within, becoming your own catalyst for lasting confidence and personal growth.

To help you truly harness the power of hypnosis, I'm also including a digital printable 30-day accountability tracker + 30 journal prompts.

The mind learns through repetition, so listening daily for at least 30 days is key to rewiring your mindset.

If you are ready to move past old narratives that no longer serve you, and co-create a story that reflects your deepest desires and fullest potential, then download your copy of The Inner Confidence Catalyst today!

🎧 You Get Instant Access To:

- A 15-Minute Hypnosis Audio: Meticulously designed, this audio journey transitions you from uncertainty to a profound state of inner strength and self-assurance. Say goodbye to the fragile foundations of doubt, and welcome a robust, unwavering confidence.

- A Printable Tracker: Maintain your forward momentum as you navigate your empowering voyage from self-doubt to self-realization. This tool will help you visualize your progress and stay committed to your journey of transformation.

- 30 Deep, Reflective Journal Prompts: Engage in an introspective adventure to uncover and comprehend the origins of your self-doubt, while strategizing for a future filled with self-belief and inner resilience. Make self-reflection a daily ritual to ensure your progress is continuous and grounded in deep personal insight.

Value: $37

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Choose You! Finally be the YOU you most want to be.

Contributed by Kristine Goad

Ready to achieve exactly what you want... with less effort and more confidence?

It's time to stop putting yourself last, running from fire to fire, and letting fear, doubts, and negative self-talk keep you stuck.

Get Choose You! and start:
• feeling the way you want to feel every day, no matter what's going on around you
• do less, be more, and love the results
• stop reacting, start choosing
• get unstuck
• stop hiding and start shining

You'll get six quick & easy modules delivered straight to your inbox, plus inspiring visualizations, creative play suggestions, and tools to help you get out of your own you can show up in the world the way YOU want!

Value: $197

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Craving Freedom: A 4-Week Program to Break Free From Sugar Addiction

Contributed by Karen Sammer

This program is for you if you are at risk for developing diabetes. It will help you overcome the cravings for sugary foods that are affecting your health by putting you at risk for developing diabetes and other chronic conditions.

We will take the steps that will help you break free of the addiction that holds so many people prisoner. 

In four weeks you will be able to stabilize your blood sugar, lose weight and significantly reduce or even eliminate your risk of developing diabetes.

Value: $197

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Speak Up & Shine Bright! Crush Your Public Speaking Fear

Contributed by Christiane Schroeter

Does the thought of public speaking give you the jitters, even for heartwarming toasts or lighthearted roasts?

Join my mini masterclass, "Speak Up & Shine Bright!" and unlock the secrets to confident, captivating speaking.

No more sweaty palms or shaky voices! Get ready to conquer stages, charm audiences, and master the art of memorable speeches. Whether it's a heartfelt toast, a hilarious roast, or a touching eulogy, you'll shine like a star!

Say goodbye to those speaking fears and hello to confident, fearless YOU!

Sign up now and let your words steal the show!

The product is a mini master class (24 minutes of recorded content) with easy-to-implement tips to get started!

Value: $39

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Holiday Bundle

Contributed by Mary Underwood

Holiday fun to keep family members of all ages enjoying the holidays together.

Activities, games, book and movie lists to help with entertaining or just daily fun.


Value: $29 

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LifeStones: Achieving Your Kingdom Goals

Contributed by Lesa Dale

This course will walk you step-by-step in creating and achieving Kingdom goals!

I don’t know of anything that’s more important than becoming extremely clear about what God wants you to accomplish, creating a plan to accomplish it, and then actually doing it.

That’s what the Life Stones goal-setting series is going to do. This series is going to allow you to see what you need to do to set great goals for your life and to achieve those goals. And it’s also going to talk about the things you’re going to come up against so that we can plan for those and not allow them to stop you or hinder you in any way.

Value: $50

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Sleep Now!

Contributed by Laura Donnelly

You Know you want to Sleep Now! but…
- the moment your head hits the pillow
- your mind starts spinning and racing…
- all the things you didn’t get done today,
- all the things on your list for tomorrow,
- what you forgot to put on the to-do list,
- you left the clothes in the dryer,
- you can’t fall asleep – AGAIN,
Sleep Now! gives you a tried and true method to:
- Relax when you lay down to go to sleep
- Soften your body so you settle comfortably into your bed
- Calm your mind even if it starts to race as soon as you shut your eyes
- Fall into a deep, restful sleep
- Wake rested
- Have the energy and focus to meet whatever the day throws at you
- Feel invigorated!

Value: $149

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Mom's Backup Brain - Notion Template

Contributed by Erica Gandy Grant

Balancing motherhood’s intricate dance requires more than managing time; it's about securing a mental haven.

"Mom's Backup Brain" is a thoughtfully curated Notion template, perfect for every mom, especially those navigating the challenges of ADHD. This Notion template will work with the free version of

The template has a complete dashboard with all the necessary information right at your fingertips. It also includes eight robust sections to help lift your mental load: Wellness, Productivity, Vision & Goals, Nutrition, Family, and Finance, House, and Fun.

It includes a synced navigation bar on every page so that everything is easily assessable from a computer, table, or mobile phone.

From routine lists and self-reflection spaces to an integrated recipe database, integrated calendars, and a handy resource vault, this template is your holistic digital companion. Whether it's quick access to family information, work commitments, self-care moments, or those spontaneous "must-remember" thoughts. "Mom's Backup Brain" has you covered.

Embrace a world of clarity, empowerment, and serenity tailored for the modern mom.

Value: $27

Coupon Code: MESKILLS2023

Live Your Best Life: Creating Goals That Empower You

Contributed by Michelle Garrett 

Tired of vague resolutions that lead nowhere? Ready to get clarity on your biggest goals and start taking action?

In this interactive workshop, Divas With A Purpose founder Michelle D. Garrett will walk you through the goal setting strategies she's used to build a successful business and help hundreds of women over the past 15 years.

You'll learn how to:
Envision your ideal life and discover your core values
Set empowering short and long-term goals aligned with your vision
Break down big goals into manageable action steps
Create a step-by-step plan to turn goals into reality
Stay focused, motivated, and productive
Overcome obstacles that derail progress

Michelle is passionate about helping fellow female entrepreneurs achieve their personal and professional dreams through intentional goal setting. She'll provide insights from her own experience plus worksheets, templates and other resources so you walk away with a clear action plan.

If you're ready to stop just dreaming about what you want and start actively working towards it, join Michelle for this motivating workshop. You'll get the strategies, mindset shifts, and productivity tools needed to make this year your best year yet.

Value: $47

(No coupon code needed)

About Your Bundle Host Kelly McCausey 

Through more than a decade of coaching, healing, learning & growing - I've been able to create a life I feel at home in. I want this for others and that's why Me Skills exists.

Self development isn't a buzz topic or niche market - it's a life's work - and it's so worthy of our time and energy. I have loved putting this first Me Skills Bundle together for us so that you can meet more cool people and access resources that will help you lean into skills you'd like to have.

When you say yes to this Bundle, you're saying YES to more self growth AND supporting everything I'm building here at Me Skills... so THANK YOU!

Thank You For Your Business!

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