Money Mindset: Fall In Love With Bossing Your Money Around

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This Live Coaching Session was sooo good I wanted to share the replay with everyone. (Usually replays are tucked behind a pay wall to help fund the fun stuff here at Me Skills.) Every rule deserves an exception 🤭

I found Eileen while searching for someone who could come talk about budgeting without being totally dullsville.  When. you watch this replay you’ll have to agree – she was anything but dull LOL!

A couple of the things that Eileens spoke to in this session stuck with me.

  • Money is energy.
  • Resistance creates a slow down.
  • Pour gratitude on the money I spent on things that mattered to me.

Watch the replay and see what stands out for you 💰

About Our Guest Coach

Eileen Joy is The Money Coach for Moms and founder of Money School for Moms. She teaches moms how to create wealth so they can stop living paycheck to paycheck and teach their kids about money so they can be set for life! Her 11-year-old son knows more about money than most adults. Eileen created an easy system that any busy mom can follow and specializes in working with high achieving, professional moms who are committed to investing in themselves.


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  1. WOW. EIleen was amazing. Just like she could talk for hours, I could have listened to her for hours. So many good points and a really great syle of coaching/asking pertinent questions. I learned a few things I could do right away and I definitely checked out her website and offers. Thanks Kelly for inviting Eileen to speak.

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