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Have You Been Chasing New Circumstances & Running Into The Same Old Problems?

You Are Not Alone!

There's An Easier & More Effective Way

Our future fulfillment and success will be found through the inner work we do, not the outer circumstances we try to change. When this truth sinks in deep, your life is ready for an amazing transformation!

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Your Host:

Kelly McCausey

Inner Work = Building Me Skills

I know well the search for peace and purpose in life. I know well that feeling (fear) that I'll never feel successful or know true acceptance from others.

I spent the first 40+ years of my life trying desperately to fit in and be liked. I worked with the only tools I'd ever known. Control what I can, manipulate what I can, hide what I have to and hope nobody sees the real me.

It was freaking exhausting and at the end of every project that I managed to create some success for - I still felt less than. I couldn't/wouldn't really celebrate anything because I had nagging doubts about whether I deserved it.

Only when I stopped looking outside for validation and started to work on ME - did I begin to find the fulfillment I craved.

Through more than a decade of coaching, healing, learning & growing - I've been able to create a life I feel at home in.

I want this for others and that's why Me Skills exists.

Self development isn't a buzz topic or niche market - it's a life's work - and it's so worthy of our time and energy.

Transformation Happens On The Inside

Look at your beautiful self in the mirror and know YOU are the common denominator of your life.

At first glimpse, that idea might be discouraging.

Have I said that YOU are the problem?  

Well... sort of.  Not always. But for sure sometimes.

Hold on now, because this is actually an empowering idea.

If YOU are the problem, YOU are the solution as well!

When you shift something in yourself, you change your experience of the world around you.

Weirdly and miraculously, even a tiny shift can bring about amazing results.

Get Ready For Something Good!

Our Me Skills Events are an invitation to stretch and grow in the inside.

Each of our Speakers shared concepts and implementation ideas for an important Me Skill. 

Abundance Skills * Boundary Skills * Self Love Skills * Communication Skills * Regulation Skills * Relationship Skills * Financial Skills *  Vitality Skills * Grounding Skills * Body Intuition Skills * Journaling Skills * Being Yourself Skills * Connection Skills * Self Acceptance Skills

Each session offered a seed for transformation!

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