Welcome to another episode of the Me Skills Podcast, where we lean into self-love and great ideas that build a better life.

In today’s episode, Kelly & Tish dive into self-development and the words we use to shape our personal growth journeys.

Join them as they explore how terms like “habit” and “goal” can be both motivating and triggering, and how a playful approach to self-improvement might just be the key to lasting change!

(Note: this episode, as usual, contains swearing. 😉)

Note Worthy Timestamps:

[00:02:27] – The word “habit” found to be triggering in Mindset Junkies group.

[00:04:54] – Resistance to forming walking habit at age 57.

[00:05:47] – Maybe habit isn’t triggering for you, but what about this other word?

[00:16:55] – Shift resistance-triggering words with play and practice.

[00:18:52] – Stop doing this…

Key Takeaways: 

Here are some key points you’ll take away from this episode:

  • The concept of “habits” and “goals.”
  • The difference between dreams, goals, plans, and actions.
  • Invitation to playfulness as a way to make changes.

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