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Have You Been Chasing New Circumstances & Running Into The Same Old Problems?

You Are Not Alone!

There's An Easier & More Effective Way

Our future fulfillment and success will be found through the inner work we do, not the outer circumstances we try to change. When this truth sinks in deep, your life is ready for an amazing transformation!

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Your Host:

Kelly McCausey

Inner Work = Building Me Skills

I know well the search for peace and purpose in life. I know well that feeling (fear) that I'll never feel successful or know true acceptance from others.

I spent the first 40+ years of my life trying desperately to fit in and be liked. I worked with the only tools I'd ever known. Control what I can, manipulate what I can, hide what I have to and hope nobody sees the real me.

It was freaking exhausting and at the end of every project that I managed to create some success for - I still felt less than. I couldn't/wouldn't really celebrate anything because I had nagging doubts about whether I deserved it.

Only when I stopped looking outside for validation and started to work on ME - did I begin to find the fulfillment I craved.

Through more than a decade of coaching, healing, learning & growing - I've been able to create a life I feel at home in.

I want this for others and that's why Me Skills exists.

Self development isn't a buzz topic or niche market - it's a life's work - and it's so worthy of our time and energy.

Join Me On The Journey!

Me Skills Live Coaching Events offer you the chance onboard personal development skills shared by amazing coaches. Each live session provides time for much needed connection and important insights. 

Attendance is always free & replays are available for a low price 💕

Meet Our April Event Coaches & Their Topics

Rayven Monique

Rayven Monique is a doer in life - she does things that others can't, or won't. A true original, Rayven believes that happiness is our natural state of being, and guides others to manifesting the life of their dreams.

We Always Get What We Ask For

How do we stop getting the stuff we don't want and start getting the stuff we do want? It all starts with the ask. Join me as I invite you to get clear on asking for what you actually want in life!

Karen Robinson

Karen Robinson is an author, speaker, therapist, transformation coach, trauma recovery expert, and the founder/CEO of Heal Thrive Dream, LLC. Karen empowers survivors to heal from abuse, assaults, domestic violence, and other traumas.

The Power of Boundary Setting Skills

This session will empower participants to understand and set both physical and emotional boundaries. With the tools provided in this session, you will feel confident to create and maintain healthy relationships.

Melody Chadamayo

Melody is helping women heal so they can get their needs met and have healthy fulfilling relationships that allow them to grow.

How To Heal Your Heart & Have More Connected Relationships

How to identify negative emotions stuck inside. Heal them with love and light. Forgive and move forward and how to never get derailed when we life punches us. The art of speedy recovery.

Carla Salteris

Carla Salteris is a leading edge Law of Attraction Coach For Women. She mentors women on owning their true power, being in alignment with Source energy, in sync with their souls and the love life they truly desire. Women either in a relationship or single can learn how to attract what they desire.

Renew Self-Love To Attract The One You Desire

When you recognize that you are the creator of your own reality, you begin to recognize that energy is everything. At any point in time, the energetic vibration that you are offering, has built a momentum whether it is positive or negative. We will discuss how you can begin to get hold of creating your love life intentionally by making self-love and feeling good the most important thing in your life.

Jessica Myers-Adams

Jessica Myers-Adams, a.ka. The Relationship visionary is a motivational speaker, author and coach. She has a therapy credential as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and runs a relationship coaching program.

How To Connect With Your Partner

During this event, you will discover how to elevate your relationship, stop miscommunication and rekindle connection.

Kellita Maloof

Kellita Maloof is a trauma-informed Artist, Facilitator, TEDx Speaker and Conscious Burlesque Mentor. She helps kind, highly sensitive women who help others to come home to their bodies and lives.

Seeing Ourselves & Being Seen

We’re all just looking for a good mirror. And that's what we'll practice together: being mirrors for each other. We'll play with micro improvisations with our hands, and perhaps even our arms and more. More importantly, we’ll learn to see ourselves and others with wonder, self-love, compassion and curiosity.

Carrie Baquie

Carrie Baquie is a Wellbeing Empowerment Coach specializing in helping women who are sick & tired of being sick and tired shift from illness to wellness using a holistic approach.

3 Unexpected Avenues to Thriving while Living with Illness

When we don't feel well, we go deep on recovering our physical wellness. What if there is another way, a better way to achieve integrated wellbeing? We will explore three less traveled roads to rediscovering a life you love while navigating long term health challenges.

Debbie Weiss

Debbie Weiss is the author of Available As Is: A Midlife Widow's Search for Love. Her writing has been published in The New York Times' "Modern Love" column, Huff Po,Woman's Day and Reader's Digest among other publications. A former lawyer, she's proudest of earning an MFA in creative writing at age 56.

Reinvention After Loss: Available As Is

I will talk about reinventing yourself as a midlife single person after losing your spouse be it through widowhood or divorce. Topics include dating over 50, fighting loneliness and following your passions.

Kori Tomeldon

Kori is a late diagnosed ADHD mom raising a neurodiverse family- three humans and three cats. She shares her life with her partner Kyle. Kori is on a mission to support late diagnosed neurodiverse women not just survive but thrive.

Self Awareness as the Key to Life

How to develop self awareness and self-acceptance skills and how those will lead to self-love, self esteem, and self confidence.

Jeremy de Tolly

I’m a communication coach and I help people overcome fear and anxiety around speaking and singing so that they can express themselves with confidence, clarity, and ease. I’ve helped hundreds of people—from CEOs to yoga teachers—show up powerfully as their authentic selves.

Share Your Message With Authority, Clarity & Heart

We'll explore how to regulate your nervous system when speaking in both group and one on one environments. We'll overcome second guessing ourselves, embarrassment and perfectionism. Together we'll practise skills that allow us to consistently show up in the public domain with warmth, humour, deep clarity and authority.

Juliann Gumulak-Smith

Juliann Gumulak-Smith is the founder of the Investment Academy for Women, where she combines her love of investing, technical analysis, and life coaching to make learning about investing simple and strategic.

Learning The Language Of Investing

While learning something new, the first step entails learning a whole new set of vocabulary. This session focuses on learning the language of investing so you can have meaningful conversations about your money and feel more financially confident.

Elizabeth Carrington

I'm Elizabeth Carrington, and I'm a Master Certified Coach and Accelerated Evolution Practitioner. I'm fascinated by the incredible guidance we have at our fingertips and love guiding people how to tap into it so they can use it to guide their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Body Intuition: Tap Into Your Body's Innate Intelligence

My intention is to inspire you to trust yourself more deeply through teaching you three different ways to listen to your body's truth and clear wisdom. You body can be a tool of incredible responsiveness if you know how to access it's answers. I will teach you three different ways to access the body's intuition: through the occiput, through body dowsing, and through using the muscle-group that resonates most easily for you. This will be a very interactive session, so come with your open-mindedness, curiosity, and willingness to learn something new!

Rachel Posner

Rachel Posner is a yoga therapist and mindfulness coach helping clients decrease stress, build resilience and thrive. Integrating neuroscience, psychology and mindfulness, she's created a unique mind, body and brain approach to wellness.

Tips & Tricks To Find Calm Amidst The Chaos

Life is intense and stressors are everywhere. Let's talk about the skills you need to regulate your nervous system so that you can stay calm and present and enjoy the challenges in front of you.

Michelle Waters

I am an teacher, entrepreneur, and writer with decades of experience, I’m offering lessons in getting out of your comfort zone and writing for entrepreneurs.

Putting Pen to Paper: How Daily Journaling Can Supercharge Your Success

We'll explore how journaling can help you achieve personal and business growth and well-being. You'll learn about the benefits of daily journaling, receive tips for effective journaling, and gain inspiration to start or continue your own journaling practice. Join us to discover the transformative power of putting pen to paper.

Transformation Happens On The Inside

Look at your beautiful self in the mirror and know YOU are the common denominator of your life.

At first glimpse, that idea might be discouraging.

Have I said that YOU are the problem?  

Well... sort of.  Not always. But for sure sometimes.

Hold on now, because this is actually an empowering idea.

If YOU are the problem, YOU are the solution as well!

When you shift something in yourself, you change your experience of the world around you.

Weirdly and miraculously, even a tiny shift can bring about amazing results.

Get Ready For Something Good!

Our Me Skills Events are an invitation to stretch and grow in the inside.

Each of our Speakers shared concepts and implementation ideas for an important Me Skill. 

Abundance Skills * Boundary Skills * Self Love Skills * Communication Skills * Regulation Skills * Relationship Skills * Financial Skills *  Vitality Skills * Grounding Skills * Body Intuition Skills * Journaling Skills * Being Yourself Skills * Connection Skills * Self Acceptance Skills

Each session offered a seed for transformation!

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