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The reigning mood this week has been one of productivity. Looking back, I feel glad for all I’ve been able to get done.

Emotions have been high in the wake of my foster daughter’s departure and other personal issues, but never so overwhelming that I couldn’t regulate myself and get something important done.

No doubt, I’m grateful for the skills I’ve learned that made productivity possible. I’ve practiced meditation. I’ve journaled. I’ve sought support from wise friends.

A celebration to report!

I completed and passed the first assessment in my Life Coach Certification. That felt pretty good!

Another good move in the right direction – towards my vision for creating a coaching program for youth surviving foster care – is that I got to interview a young woman who aged out of the system and is now advocating for reform in her state.

I reached out to her and offered payment for her assistance with my research. It felt right to honor her life experience and pay for her insights and indeed, I have gained much already from our first interview.

Through our conversation I identified the first and most important goal for the program I want to create. That is to Minimize Self-Sabotage.

You know, we all have this in common.

We don’t have to be a traumatized teen to have the tendency to sabotage our opportunities. Amen?

I’ve been thinking… to better understand how we sabotage ourselves, it would be helpful to take a look at sabotage in general.

In war, it’s sabotage when the enemy sneaks in to ruin supplies or break materials and machines. Without firing an overt shot, they cripple progress and force their opponent to redirect effort to recovery instead of making forward moves.

In business, a competing brand might send a spy in to learn about plans and find ways to mess things up given the opportunity. One well timed act of sabotage can put a business out of the game.

What I see about sabotage is when it’s successful, you know nothing about it until it’s too late.

Isn’t it bonkers that it’s true even with Self Sabotage? We’re such complex beings! Our fears, insecurities and dusty old program can be working sabotage on us and we’re not even aware of it until we become very willing to see it.

Anyone committed to growth and success has to get serious about spotting and defeating sabotage. This involves becoming more self aware and open to seeing how small choices add up to delay and difficulties of our own creation.

Maybe you think you’d never do anything to delay or close down your own dreams – and maybe you’d be right.

It won’t harm anything to be on the lookout though, do you agree?


Awareness Skills

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  1. I have lost count of how many times I have self-sabotaged, but, I am happy to report that I'm getting better at noticing and sometimes, stopping it. Progress, if nothing else! Thanks for this reminder that we're not alone in this and congratulations on moving forward with your life coach certification!

  2. I have read about how people self-sabotage, so I know about it… Maybe a little too much about it.

    I have found myself stuck sometimes in that cycle… Well, it is a cycle for me, one that an be a downward spiral until I have had enough and just push through it.

    I like to think I get better at it – well, not self-sabotage, but the warning signs, so I do not let it take over.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. I'm so impressed with all that you've accomplished this week! You've been through a lot, but you've managed to stay productive and focused on your goals. That's not easy to do, and it's a testament to your strength and determination.

    I'm especially proud of you for completing the first assessment in your Life Coach Certification. That's a big step, and it shows that you're serious about helping others. I can't wait to see what you accomplish in the future.

  4. Kelly, what a thought-provoking post. I have had people decide to take over my market, after having a session with me or hearing me speak. One woman, who to me had a brilliant unique selling proposition (USP) as a holistic nurse, decided to take up being a Stress Specialist after hearing me speak. I am a 30-year stress expert, so she is a serious competitor. I will ponder your idea that we may be sabotaging ourselves as well. Interesting! And congratulations on moving forward with your life coaching certification! Who are you studying with?

    1. Oooh, I gotta tell you I don't think it's sabotage to inspire others to emulate you. (If that's what you're thinking at all) YOU are an invitation to others. People are drawn to you for a reason and one of those reasons will be that they want to be like you and do what you do. That's BEAUTIFUL!

      Where sabotage could come into it is if you take their emulation as something that takes away from you. If you think they're taking market away from you, you might play smaller or let some opportunities go. Never ever stop being the awesome you that inspired them in the first place 🔥

      I am doing certification with Mindvalley 🥰 Love Ajit and the team there!

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