Self Love Is Everything

Free Self Love Prompts

Practicing Self-Love and Self-Compassion, these are 'Me Skills' that some of us aren't all that great at.  

In a world that showers us with more judgment than anything, it's easy to fall into the terrible habit of constantly judging ourselves and that's exhausting isn't it?  

We all make mistakes, stumble and struggle - but we don't have to follow those moments up with verbal or internal self-degradation sessions. Compassion is a far more helpful response and that can be learned!

Self Love Prompts intends to be a light in your inbox that invites you to love on yourself. You'll get regular messages from me that focus in on giving yourself Self-Love, practicing specific acts of Self-Compassion & ultimately Embracing Self-Autonomy. 

I Want You To Be & Love The Real You

We'll take baby steps together and ignite a torrid love affair with ourselves.

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About Kelly McCausey

I'm proud to identify as a Mindset Enthusiast & Self Love Junkie. As your Me Skills Coach, I'm inviting you to lean into the Me Skills that make your life better and better 💕