Self Love Is Everything

You CAN Finally & FULLY Love Yourself

Here at Me Skills I invite you to lean into skills that help you build a better life and Self-Love Skills are a key foundation. 

We all have this idea that we should love ourselves, but what does that actually mean?

How can you actually practice self-love in your everyday life?

I've designed the Finally Love Yourself Workshop to help you lean into self-love with great intention - because that's what it takes.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You're constantly judging yourself - always feeling like you fall short.
  • Deep down, you're not sure you deserve to be happy
  • You've asked yourself "How do I really love myself?" and haven't found the answer yet

Let me tell you, I understand the twists and turns involved in trying to practice self love.

When people would tell me you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else, I thought they were crazy. I knew I loved others - heck it was easy to love others. 

It was only ME that I failed to love.

I can't wait to share my story with you. I'll bare my soul to you and explain why I could never allow myself the simple joy of self-acceptance - and the moment that everything changed.

Please come spend this time with me. I know you resist the idea of really facing your insecurities - just like I always did.  But sister friend, you are so precious and so worth it.

What Does The Finally Love Yourself Workshop Look Like?

We will discover how to let go of constant self criticism and enjoy more loving relationships with others - starting with ourselves. You'll learn how to practice self-love as an easy flow at last.

It's time to let go of our constant judgment so that we can create a more joyful life!

About Kelly McCausey

I know well the search for peace and purpose in life. I know well that feeling (fear) that I'll never feel successful or know true acceptance from others.

I spent the first 40+ years of my life trying desperately to fit in and be liked. I worked with the only tools I'd ever known. Control what I can, manipulate what I can, hide what I have to and hope nobody sees the real me.

It was freaking exhausting and at the end of every project that I managed to create some success for - I still felt less than. I couldn't/wouldn't really celebrate anything because I had nagging doubts about whether I deserved it.

Only when I stopped looking outside for validation and started to work on ME - did I begin to find the fulfillment I craved.

Through more than a decade of coaching, healing, learning & growing - I've been able to create a life I feel at home in.

I want this for others and that's why Me Skills exists.

Self development isn't a buzz topic or niche market - it's a life's work - and it's so worthy of our time and energy.

You Are Worthy Of Love, And More Importantly, You Deserve To LOVE YOURSELF!

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