About Me

I'm Kelly McCausey.

I know well the search for peace and purpose in life. I know well that feeling (fear) that I'll never feel successful or know true acceptance from others.

I spent the first 40+ years of my life trying desperately to fit in and be liked. I worked with the only tools I'd ever known. Control what I can, manipulate what I can, hide what I have to and hope nobody sees the real me.

It was freaking exhausting and at the end of every project that I managed to create some success for - I still felt less than. I couldn't/wouldn't really celebrate anything because I had nagging doubts about whether I deserved it.

Only when I stopped looking outside for validation and started to work on ME - did I begin to find the fulfillment I craved.

Through more than a decade of coaching, healing, learning & growing - I've been able to create a life I feel at home in.

I want this for others and that's why Me Skills exists.

Self development isn't a buzz topic or niche market - it's a life's work - and it's so worthy of our time and energy.

Home Life

I'm 56 and single. Michigan is my home and I've lived here almost all my life. I live close to my son (Sean) and grand kids (Ava & Rhys). I'm also a Foster Mom working with teenagers.

Business Life

I've been a Content Creator for 20+ years. I coach others on their Content Marketing & Mindset over at Love People + Make Money. I co-own two done-for-you content companies and a web hosting service.

Playful Life

During the pandemic, I discovered a way to blend my personal interests together with content creation and have been streaming video games, creativity and co-working sessions on Twitch.  I never would have imagined how the different parts of my life could come together to provide so much fun!

Permission To Create What I Want (And You Too!)

I love this life I'm creating and give myself permission to enjoy every messy step!

I'm the only one who can really know what I want.

I'm the only one who can judge whether I'm doing what's right for me.

I'm the only one who can choose the people I allow to speak into my life.

This has always been true. I've always had all the power - but it hasn't always been how I lived.

I'm grateful to be more in touch with myself. My autonomy. My value. My dreams.

Knowing myself and being able to act confidently on my choices, these are my Me Skills and I'm practicing them every day.