Me Skills = Anything that helps a person create a more effective life.

Self Care Skills, Relationship Skills, Mindset Skills, Self Love Skills, Emotional Healing Skills, Abundance Skills… the list goes on!

Me Skills is launching a new podcast with every episode being an invitation to personal growth and transformative connection.

Coaches, teachers, speakers, authors, therapists, helpers of all kind are invited to participate!

Share your story, teach on a topic that supports a Me Skill and inspire listeners to glorious positive action.  Definitely share a relevant call to action and perhaps offer a free gift to bring people back to your brand. (They’re going to want to stay in touch!)


Am I A Good Fit?

  • If the mission of helping others heal, learn & grow is appealing to you… yes!
  • If speaking & teaching via virtual platforms is in your wheelhouse… yes!
  • If you love to truly collaborate, giving as much as you get from every opportunity… yes!

Do I Need A Big List?

No. While I do want every guest to intentionally promote their appearance, I don’t have any big mailing list requirements. I’m way more interested in your purpose and passion than the size of your current platform.

Will You Make It Easy?

Yes! We promise this will be the easiest guesting experience you’ve ever experienced. There’ll be no fuss or unnecessary steps. We’ll walk you through everything personally, gather what we need and provide you with resources you’ll be proud to share with others.

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