Welcome to another episode of the Me Skills Podcast, where we lean into self-love and great ideas that build a better life.

In today’s episode we’re joined by our wonderful friend Therese. We chat about Radical Leadership and its impact on personal growth, relationships, and decision-making.

You’ll also learn about shifting from ego to essence and the power of intentional living.

Join us for a heartfelt conversation that encourages you to build a life you love.

(Note: this episode, as usual, contains swearing. 😉)

Note Worthy Timestamps:

[00:06:25] – Therese talks about Radical Leadership immersion in shifting default patterns.

[00:11:19] – Kelly chats about wanting to improve decision-making (when she attended Radical Leadership) & what happened.

[00:36:30] – Choosing joy over external validation leads to fulfillment.

[00:44:16] – Essence brings new experiences, confidence, and magnetism.

[01: 00:13] – Building a better life starts with you!

Key Takeaways: 

Here are some key points you’ll take away from this episode:

  • Definition and experience of Radical Leadership – impact on individuals’ lives and transformation.
  • Self-Love and Self-Compassion – misconception of selfishness in prioritizing self-love.
  • Ego vs Essence
  • Pattern Interrupts
  • Upcoming Radical Leadership Retreat

In next week’s episode we’ll be joined by Suzanne Culberg, The Nope Coach.

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