Kelly flies solo in this twenty minute episode about making a move without knowing what the next step will be.

There’s a reason you don’t know next steps. You can’t! When you’re moving into new territory, you can’t know what to plan for until you have a chance to experience the new terrain and feel the new space you’re in.

The idea that you have to have a full plan in order to take the first step is one that keeps people frozen in place for decades.

There’s pure magic in forward motion. Listen in!

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  1. What a fantastic show. I'm excited about Me Skills, Mom Masterminds, and everything you're planning. It sounds so exciting! Congratulations to you! New challenges are fun to me, too. My husband and I are working on a children's book series. He's illustrating, and I'm writing. We are making many bold moves, too, which is very exciting! One step at a time! Here's to unknowable and unrecognizable! Looking forward to everything you're doing next.

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