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RE: Tipping Skills

These days tipping is getting a lot of attention with strong perspectives and for sure, tipping is not the simple concept it used to be.

I’m seeing folks rant about ‘tipping culture run rampant’ and there’s a lot going on there.

Yes, we’re being invited to tip in more situations – sometimes presented in uncomfortable ways.

When people rant and express their annoyance about tipping, I understand they are pushing back on a system they don’t like and personally, I’m all for taking a stand that matters to you. I don’t want argue with anyone and refuse to shame or judge someone who prefers to tip.

I do want to share my perspective on tipping and I’m super curious about others who like to tip. What drives our willingness to tip? Is it simple generosity? Is it a personal value? Is it related to having been someone who relies on tips or loving someone who relies on tips? I bet we all have some great stories to tell.

Tipping Is Personal.

I asked people to share their experiences and perspectives that lean towards being pro-tipping and I got a huge response. I’m excited to post them for you!

Cynthia Beckles

Cynthia Beckles is a Marketing Consultant. Her approach to integrated marketing is empowering. She’s not about the hottest trends; but rather about implementing what’s uniquely beneficial for each company.

How Does Cynthia Approach Tipping?

Tipping has always been my way of expressing appreciation for exceptional service. I believe in recognizing the hard work and dedication that goes into providing a great experience. In full-service establishments, where the service is an integral part of the overall experience, I’m particularly inclined to provide a tip as a token of my gratitude.

However, it does seem that in today’s world, the practice of tipping has extended to a wide range of situations, including fast-food restaurants. While I understand that many employees in various industries rely on tips to supplement their income, the frequent requests for tips in fast food can be alarming. It’s important to strike a balance between rewarding exceptional service and being mindful of the financial burden it can place on customers.

Cynthia’s Favorite Tipping Story

I recently worked with an exceptional photographer and videographer for a family occasion. They were positive and professional. I tipped them the night of the event before I saw the videos and pictures. They made everyone feel like they were “stars” especially the birthday person. The photographer and videographer captured the essence of the event and were extremely kind to all of the attendees. My family and I have used them for additional events.



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