Tribute to Minimalism: How A Comfy Capsule Wardrobe Let’s Things Be Easy

Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

Are you familiar with a Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe?

Wikipedia says this is “A capsule wardrobe is a minimalist collection of clothes that can be put together in different ways to cover a variety of outfits and occasions.”

I can’t say I have a closet that covers a ‘variety of occasions’, but I do have one that suits my primary purpose of being comfy cozy at home 😉

My little capsule wardrobe is an answer to the question I ask so often, ‘What if it were easy?’

I work at home. My lifestyle is very casual. I have no reason or desire to get dressy and no interest in being trendy.  And… well, I don’t love shopping.

Several years ago I picked up a pair of capri leggings on Amazon. Charcoal grey. They’re the most comfortable thing and I just about wore them out because I wanted to wear them every day.  Then it occurred to me… why shouldn’t I?  So I bought three more pair!

I started to only buy tops that looked good with the charcoal grey and soon I had an easy peasie work at home casual wardrobe.

Here’s to never having to think more than a hot second about what I’ll wear.

I do get bored with the same tops over and over so I like to have a lot to choose from there. Minimalism and a love for variety may seem at odds, but where I indulge my craving for ‘something new’ is focused on simple v-neck tank tops. They’re inexpensive, take up little space and they’re what I feel most comfortable in from day to day.

I also have one pair of jeans, one longer pair of charcoal grey leggings, one black pair, three dresses and a few sweaters I toss over my tank tops. The whole damned wardrobe fits into one large suitcase – with room to spare.

Why Do I Have A Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe?

I don’t crave more clothes. If I want something new, I get it but that is generally followed up by donating something else. I want choices, but not too many – and I don’t like to keep anything that I haven’t chosen to wear for awhile.

My brain runs better when I have less stuff. I just ‘feel good’ when I open my closet and see simplicity.

For a little while I felt this weird self-consciousness about it.  Will people think I’m wearing the same clothes every day? LOL!

Will someone see me in the same charcoal grey pants and wonder if I’ve been wearing the same pair all week?  Maybe. But who cares?  Really. Who the fuck cares?

This is my body. My preferences. My comfort. My ease.

Invitation: Take a look at your closet.

  • Does your closet represent you choosing your own preferences?
  • Are there items that you never wear anymore and want to donate or sell?
  • How could your clothing better honor your own style and comfort?
  • Is there anything in there that feels ‘off’ to you?

It’s a small thing overall to love your wardrobe – and yet it’s something we experience every single day.

Something so foundational as the fabric on my body day in and day out has an impact on me – and mine supports my awareness that I’ve chosen my comfort and style over anyone’s opinion of me.


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  1. I have a very minimalist wardrobe as well. I've never loved buying clothes or shoes, so it's been easy to keep everything in one very small closet. I will admit though, that I get a weird feeling when I see a photo of myself from 12 or more years ago and I realize that I still own (and wear) that shirt.

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