Wherever You Go, There You Are

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I chased new and better circumstances all my life, always thinking that if my surroundings changed – I’d be happier.

It was almost never true.

Wherever I went, there I was. 

Nobody wants to hear that they might be the most common negative denominator in their life – I sure didn’t. In fact, anytime anyone tried to point out the ways I created problems for myself – I’d take offense and run as far away as I could.  I’d turn my attention to all of the outside negatives and comfort myself with the idea that none of my problems were my fault.

And yet… wherever I’d run to, there I was.

While I CAN play a fine game of blame.

  • I didn’t choose to be born an accident from an extramarital affair.
  • I didn’t choose to be adopted.
  • I didn’t choose the physical abuse and emotional neglect I experienced as a child.
  • I didn’t choose to experience assault as a young woman.
  • I didn’t ask to live with decades of PTSD.

There ARE people to blame for the actions that harmed me… but I’ve lived long enough to do more damage to myself than any of them could.

Blaming others, forever pointing to the past – this only created patterns that caused more damage.

I can’t do anything about what’s happened in the past – but I can take responsibility for myself NOW.

Personal responsibility is a gift to myself. It allows me to stop running away from tough situations. It invites me to say ‘So what, now what?’

Wherever I go, there I am.

And I am only going to create what I want by taking full personal responsibility.

I do this by asking myself solid questions, like “What do I want to create more of in the world?” and “What do I want for my life?”

I do this by creating plans and taking action to fulfill the answers to these questions.

Wherever I am going, there I will be.

It’s important, when practicing personal responsibility to notice what you bring with you into new places and new relationships.

  • Do you bring fear? Of course.
  • Do you bring insecurity? Of course.
  • Do you bring sabotaging patterns? Of course.

Until you don’t.

The only way I can change my life is to acknowledge what I bring with me. I’ve got to be self-aware to a radical degree.

As I’ve been able to see my own contribution to problems that recur around me, I’ve been able to see what I bring with me and finally choose whether to leave something behind.

  • I left blame behind.
  • I left whining behind.
  • I left the need to be approved of and agreed with behind…. well, mostly.

I’m a work in progress 💕

As I leave some things behind, I choose new things to take with me.  I onboard ‘Me Skills’ that support me in creating more of what I want to see in the world.

Self-awareness. Self-love. Self-care. Self-regulation. (Just to name a few.)

These ‘Me Skills’ come with me wherever I go.

Imagine knowing that awareness, love, care and regulation are available to you EVERYWHERE including HERE and NOW 🥰


Awareness Skills

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  1. What a beautiful post! A wonderful reminder we all are works of progress and it may be time to let some shit go. This is a post I will most definitely be curating and sharing with my audience. Thank you for posting meaninful content 🙂

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